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Keep Clean With This DIY Sanitizing Station

Front door of cottage house
These days, people are more worried about germs than ever. We all have to go out sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we want to track bacteria when we come home. Of course, there are a lot of ways to stay safe. So if you want to be sure your house... [read more]

Get Your Reading List Ready For 2021

Woman sitting on her bed reading a novel
Build a reading list full of the most anticipated new book releases of 2021 with the help of this list we compiled from Book List Queen!  The Four Winds – Kristin Hannah It’s 1934, and the Great Depression has many in the US struggling for survival. In Texas, severe heat and drought... [read more]

Do These Three Things Before 2021

Husband and wife meditating together
It’s almost time for the new year, which means it’s time to reflect on all that’s happened this year and look ahead toward the future. While this season is a popular time for resolutions for the upcoming year, don’t forget that it is also a time for so much more... [read more]

Give Your Pets The Best Christmas Yet

Cat and dog sleeping under christmas tree
Your pets are by your side all year long with tongues and tails wagging, so make sure you give them the Christmas they deserve. You don’t have to drop huge amounts of money on your pets for them to have a great Christmas. We’ve found some amazing and affordable pet... [read more]

Impress Everyone With These Kitchen Tips!

Hanging Pots and Pans on wall in kitchen
Have you ever wondered how some people keep their kitchens so clean? You know the type where they seem to be permanently spotless and nothing has that strange, lingering smell of old food that can sometimes hang around. Do they know a magic secret the rest of us don’t know?... [read more]

Make Your Summer Memories Last Forever!

Two girls making a scrapbook page
Scrapbooking has been around for many years. Before cell phones and online photo albums, if you wanted to see old baby photos at family dinners you would pull out your scrapbook and share a nice laugh with everyone. Even though we are surrounded by endless amounts of online photo albums,... [read more]

6 Signs You Might Need A New Battery

Car Battery with Jumper Cables
While you know to get regular oil changes, get alignments, and check your tires for visible signs of wear, there's one piece of your car that's easy to forget about until it causes problems: the battery. Before you end up needing a jump because your battery died, look for these... [read more]

Tires 101: Choosing The Best Tires For You

New tires for sale in store
When it comes to the tires you choose for your vehicle, there are several factors to consider. Brand, price, purpose, and more all need to be taken into consideration since tires are such an important purchase. They are the four contact points your vehicle has with the road. Read on... [read more]

Benefits Of Regular Oil Changes

Close up of car oil change.
Let’s face it: cars aren’t cheap. That’s true whether you’re buying a pre-owned or new vehicle. In fact, for many consumers, their car, truck, van, or SUV is the second most costly investment in their life. That means it’s vitally important to take care of your vehicle and maximize its... [read more]