Keep Clean With This DIY Sanitizing Station

Front door of cottage house

These days, people are more worried about germs than ever. We all have to go out sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we want to track bacteria when we come home. Of course, there are a lot of ways to stay safe. So if you want to be sure your house is as clean as possible, you should consider setting up a sanitizing station in your home. Find out how you can do it – you may be surprised at how easy it is to do.

Pick One Point of Entry

If you live in an apartment or a smaller house, you may only have one point of entry into and out of your home. But if you have multiple doors, you should decide which one you want to use for your sanitizing station. Whenever possible, you should enter your house through that door. That way, you exactly know you have what you need to sanitize as soon as you enter your home. You won’t need to walk across the house to find your Clorox wipes.

Have a Place to Hang Your Masks

When you come home, you’ll probably want to get your mask off as soon as possible. That’s why it’s a great idea to have a place to hang your masks right when you walk in the door. You can put up some hooks so you’ll always have easy access to them when you’re on the go. However, you should also realize that you don’t want to be wearing the same mask day after day without washing it. Therefore, have several masks available, and wash one when you’re done using it. After all, you probably don’t want to put on a mask that you breathed into all day the previous day.

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Find a Place to Leave Your Shoes

This is a good rule of thumb, even when you’re not in a pandemic. Not only can you track germs into your home on your shoes, but they can also make your house dirty. The last thing you want to have to do is clean more than you already are, so make sure you have a place to drop your shoes when you walk in the door. Your floors – and your health – will thank you.

By taking these easy steps, you can ensure your home stays as clean as possible.

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