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3 Delicious Ways To Cook Your Deer Meat

outdoor bbq grill venison steaks
Do you love the taste of deer steaks but always end up with dry meat when making them at home? It’s likely because you’re cooking it like beef instead of venison. With that method, you’ll end up overcooking the venison, so it’ll come out dry and flavorless. You can avoid... [read more]

Send The Kids Back To School With These Lunches

Mother preparing healthy snacks lunch boxes for daughter
The new school year is upon us, which means that it's time to get back into the swing of packing lunches for the kids. These easy, tasty ideas will keep things simple for you while keeping lunch interesting for your kids! Lasagna Roll-Ups Transform this classic dinner into a kid-favorite lunch with... [read more]

5 Florida Off-Roading Tips

friends load car trunk with baggage. summer road trip
Forget the beach. Summer is the perfect time for some off-roading fun. If you’ve never been off-roading before, prepare by following some tips. These Florida off-roading tips will ensure that you have a blast on your adventure. 1.      Research the Trails Ahead of Time You can’t always count on your cell phone... [read more]

Shake Away The Sand In Your Vehicle

Sandy feet and flip flops on the beach
With so many beaches close to Crestview, you probably spend lots of time enjoying the sand and the surf. The sand is great when you’re lounging on the beach, but you don’t love it when it ends up in your car. Sand can be hard to remove, so you find... [read more]

Pack Up These Beach Day Essentials

Shot of a happy young family at the beach
Even though we're lucky enough here in Crestview to live very close to the beach, there's always room to refine your packing list for days at the beach! These essentials will keep everyone safe, nourished, and entertained! 1. Sun Protection One of the most important things to remember when you go to... [read more]

Rise And Shine With These Hacks For Becoming A Morning Person

Side view of young woman pouring coffee in cup.
Whether you're a morning person who has lost their early to bed/early to rise mojo or a tried-and-true night owl who needs a schedule change to help them feel more rested, these tips will help you wake up easier! Move Up Bedtime If you're regularly hitting the hay at 11:30, aiming to... [read more]

Upgrade To The Ultimate Home Office

Home office with laptop on desk
Does your home office leave something to be desired? If the design was nothing more than an afterthought, it’s time to upgrade. A well-designed room will make working and paying bills much more enjoyable. Plus, you’ll be proud to show it off when you have visitors. Follow these home office... [read more]

Fun Things To Hide In Easter Eggs This Year

Closeup Colorful Easter eggs in nest on green grass field during sunset background.
Egg hunts are a beloved Easter tradition, but coming up with fun ideas for what to hide inside the eggs can feel challenging. These twists on your regular egg hunt are sure to add lots of fun to your Easter egg hunt this year! Treasure Hunt Clues Turn your egg hunt into... [read more]

This Spring, Deep Clean Your Bedroom

Wicker peacock chair next to wooden nightstand with flowers in vase and king size bed. Neutral color scheme.
If your spring cleaning routine doesn't already have a dedicated bedroom deep clean, take this as your sign to add it to your to-do list this year! This easy bedroom deep cleaning checklist will have your space tidied up and feeling fresh in no time. Declutter Start by picking up any trash... [read more]

Quick Tips For Cleaning Your Air Fryer

Air fryer sitting in the kitchen
The popularity of air fryers has skyrocketed over the past year. In fact, they've basically become a saving grace for most of us. They deliver hot, crispy, food in a fraction of the time it would take to preheat and pop in the oven. Not to mention their portability; you... [read more]