Shake Away The Sand In Your Vehicle

Sandy feet and flip flops on the beach

With so many beaches close to Crestview, you probably spend lots of time enjoying the sand and the surf. The sand is great when you’re lounging on the beach, but you don’t love it when it ends up in your car. Sand can be hard to remove, so you find yourself driving around with it well after summer has passed. Instead of trying to clean up sand, follow these tips to keep it out of your vehicle. Then, your car will stay nice and clean throughout the season.

Use Beach Chairs

If you lounge on a beach towel, you can expect to be covered in sand when you leave. You can avoid this by using beach chairs instead of towels. As a bonus, chairs are much more comfortable when relaxing on the beach.

Towel Off Often

If you get sand on you when you’re wet, it will stick to you. Then, when you get in the car, it will fall off and cover the interior. Dry yourself with a towel after you get into the water. Make sure you dry off thoroughly to limit the amount of sand that sticks to you.

Give Everything a Shake Before Hopping in Your Car

You can prevent some of the sand from getting in your car by shaking out your blankets and towels before heading home. Keep the blankets and towels away from your body so you don’t get sand on you.

Rinse the Toys, Cooler, and Chairs

Shaking isn’t enough when it comes to toys, coolers, and chairs. Sand tends to stick to these items until you load them in the car. Then, the sand breaks free and finds a new home in your upholstery. Wash off the beach toys, cooler, and chairs, and then load them in your vehicle.

Rinse Yourself Off

Your body is also a sand magnet, so rinse off before you head home. Use the outdoor shower to remove the sand. You might need to stay under the water for a while to ensure you get all the sand. Pay special attention to your hair when you do this. Massage your scalp to remove excess sand.

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Cover Your Seats

No matter how much you wash and shake, there still might be sand on your body and belongings. Use a blanket or sheet to cover your trunk and seats. Then, once you unload, take the sheet out, being as careful as possible. Move away from the car and shake the sheet vigorously.

Keeping your vehicle sand-free will make it much more fun to ride during the summer. You can get even more enjoyment by getting a new car, truck, or SUV from Lee Buick GMC in Crestview, Florida. Stop by and check out the lineup today.

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