Send The Kids Back To School With These Lunches

Mother preparing healthy snacks lunch boxes for daughter

The new school year is upon us, which means that it’s time to get back into the swing of packing lunches for the kids. These easy, tasty ideas will keep things simple for you while keeping lunch interesting for your kids!

Lasagna Roll-Ups

Transform this classic dinner into a kid-favorite lunch with this lasagna roll-ups recipe. The recipe makes four servings, enough for two days worth of lunches for two kiddos, but thanks to the simple ingredients and method, you can make as many or as few of these rolls as you need to feed your crew.

Broccoli Bacon Mac n Cheese

If your child is a mac n cheese fiend, give them a lunchbox-friendly version with this broccoli and bacon mac n cheese recipe. It makes four servings to feed two kids for two days, but it’s so tasty that the adults in the house might just want to take it for their work lunch, too! This mac n cheese will keep warm in a thermos until lunchtime if your child doesn’t have access to a microwave during lunch.

Chocolate Chip Sunflower Butter Muffins

Though muffins probably aren’t enough for a whole lunch, they’re great for kids who don’t like sandwiches or traditional lunch “entrees” and prefer to have a more snacky lunch. Packed with good ingredients like whole wheat flour, sunflower butter, oats, and tasty chocolate chips, these muffins will keep your kids full for the rest of the afternoon!

Shaped Sandwiches

If your child needs a little extra motivation to eat lunch, try cutting their sandwiches into small, fun shapes with cookie cutters! You’ll cut shapes out of all of the sandwich ingredients before assembling the sandwiches to keep the mess low, and the kids can help, too!

Cream Cheese and Ham-Stuffed Peppers

These stuffed peppers are served cold, which makes them ideal for a lunchbox! You’ll make them by slicing the tops off of bell peppers and filling them with a tasty mix of cream cheese, ham, corn, parsley, salt, pepper, and your kids’ favorite spices.

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Chicken Salad Rolls

Make chicken salad even more fun by putting it on hot dog buns, pita pockets, or even in tortillas as a roll-up. Chicken salad is a great lunch for kiddos because it gives them a little bit of everything they need to fuel their brains and bodies after lunch with chicken, a veggie/fruit, mayonnaise/yogurt, and the bun or tortilla.

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