Fun Things To Hide In Easter Eggs This Year

Closeup Colorful Easter eggs in nest on green grass field during sunset background.

Egg hunts are a beloved Easter tradition, but coming up with fun ideas for what to hide inside the eggs can feel challenging. These twists on your regular egg hunt are sure to add lots of fun to your Easter egg hunt this year!

Treasure Hunt Clues

Turn your egg hunt into a house-wide treasure hunt this year by hiding clues inside the easter eggs. You can make separate hunts for each child with separate clues so that everyone gets their own unique adventure.

Arcade Prize Tickets

This approach is especially great if you have older kids who want more out of an egg hunt than coins and chocolate. Put varying numbers of arcade tickets inside each egg and have your kids count up how many tickets they collected at the end of the hunt. Then, have the kids redeem their tickets for prizes of varying values.

School Supplies

Small school supplies like erasers, pencil grips, and even mini markers will fit inside Easter eggs. You can add school supplies to each egg along with a bit of candy or a coin so that there’s still an element of fun involved!


An age-old classic, you can never go wrong with hiding money in the eggs. From quarters to dollar bills, kids will be excited to collect extra cash to spend. You can even have an egg or two with a higher dollar amount, such as $5 or $10, to add extra competition to the egg hunt!

Game Pieces

While you can’t fit a whole board game inside of an Easter egg, you can fit game pieces to hint at the larger prize! Just be sure that you know exactly where you hid these eggs in case your kids don’t find them — you don’t want your game pieces or instructions to go missing before you even get a chance to play the game!

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Fill a few eggs with coupons for special treats, a small toy from the store, or even a day off from chores. Unless your child cashes them in all at once, the coupons will let the fun of the egg hunt extend well beyond Easter!

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