Impress Everyone With These Kitchen Tips!

Hanging Pots and Pans on wall in kitchen

Have you ever wondered how some people keep their kitchens so clean? You know the type where they seem to be permanently spotless and nothing has that strange, lingering smell of old food that can sometimes hang around. Do they know a magic secret the rest of us don’t know? We’re not sure about them, but we’ve found some helpful kitchen tips that will give you a couple secrets of your own.

Clean Freak

If you have stainless steel appliances then you know how difficult they can be to properly clean. It seems like there are always smudges that normal cleaners don’t help with. Rubbing alcohol is the secret to spotless stainless steel. All you have to do is put a few drops on some cotton balls and scrub away to reveal a fresh, clean surface.

This next tip may sound strange, but trust us. If you want to polish your copper pots and pans, then put some ketchup on a cloth and rub it all over. Rinse with warm water and they’ll be as shiny as the day you bought them.

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Funky Smells Begone

Tupperware is so helpful, but it can also smell so bad. Scrubbing it never seems to help, but we’ve found something that does. Newspaper helps get rid of these persistent odors. Crumple up the newspaper and leave it in your Tupperware overnight for best results. Make sure to wash your Tupperware after removing the newspaper the following morning.

Microwaved fish can be one of the most disgusting smells. One of the best ways to get rid of it is by putting dish soap on a dish cloth and heating it in the microwave for a few minutes. Leave the cloth in the microwave for 30 minutes. Then, wipe the walls of the microwave with the cloth and you’ll finally be free from that awful fish smell.

We may not be kitchen professionals, but these tips sure help us feel like we are! We hope you enjoy these tips and tricks as much as we have.

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