Give Your Pets The Best Christmas Yet

Cat and dog sleeping under christmas tree

Your pets are by your side all year long with tongues and tails wagging, so make sure you give them the Christmas they deserve. You don’t have to drop huge amounts of money on your pets for them to have a great Christmas. We’ve found some amazing and affordable pet gift ideas that are awesome ways to show them how much you love them.

The Snuffle Mat

This toy may have a funny name, but it is seriously useful. This toy can be turned into a bowl if you need to slow down your dog’s eating speed. Or, it can be turned into a mat and be used as a sensory toy that helps dogs to release energy and improve their sniffing skills. Either way you use it, this toy is super helpful in keeping your dog engaged in nondestructive behavior.

Carb Inspired Catnip Toys

Every day you enjoy all kinds of delicious carbs from bread to cinnamon rolls. Now it’s your cat’s turn! These toys are shaped like all those yummy foods and made of a durable, but soft, flannelette material. They’re filled with a healthy amount of catnip, so you can feel free to let your cat play with it to their hearts’ content.

Personalized Starbarks Coffee Cup

Next time you head to Starbucks for yourself, make sure your dog doesn’t feel left out. Put your dog’s name on this soft, squeaky toy and they’ll feel like the fancy pet they are. The inks on this toy are water-based and non-toxic, so they’re safe for your dog to enjoy all day long.

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Bolt Laser

This smart laser will help keep your cat from engaging in destructive behaviors. It comes in two fun play modes. One is an automatic, hands-free mode where the laser creates random patterns for 15 minutes at a time. The second is for you to use to create your own laser patterns for your cat. Both modes are perfect for sharpening your cat’s natural instincts.

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