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8 Beach Hacks To Make Your Next Spring Break Epic

friends walking to the beach
Spring break can only mean one destination - the beach! Packing up for the beach can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. With sand everywhere, electronics and water not being a good mix, the risk of sunburn, and tangled hair, it can sound like the least relaxing trip.... [read more]

Turn This Summer’s Seashells Into Gorgeous Crafts

Bunch of seashells on still life
If your seashell collection is overflowing, put them to good use with some of these gorgeous seashell crafts for your home! Ombre Clam Shell Wreath Minimalist and just "beachy" enough, you can use clamshells and dye to make an ombre wreath. Before you assemble the wreath, you'll dye about half of the... [read more]

Homemade Valentines For Your Valentine

It's fun to be a little cheesy every now and then. Half of the fun of giving a Valentine card to your significant other or your friend is seeing their reaction, right? Exactly, so double that reaction when you hand them something funny that makes them chuckle. Your cards don't... [read more]