Turn This Summer’s Seashells Into Gorgeous Crafts

Bunch of seashells on still life

If your seashell collection is overflowing, put them to good use with some of these gorgeous seashell crafts for your home!

Ombre Clam Shell Wreath

Minimalist and just “beachy” enough, you can use clamshells and dye to make an ombre wreath. Before you assemble the wreath, you’ll dye about half of the shells with DIY purple cabbage dye, leaving the shells in for varying lengths of time to dye them lighter and darker.

Napkin Rings

Give your napkins an upgrade with these DIY shell napkin rings. You can use shells with drilled holes and twine for a simple version or attach a variety of shells to existing napkin rings for a simple makeover.

Sand Dollar Mirror

Perfect in any room of your home, this DIY sand dollar mirror uses various sizes of sand dollars to ornament an oval-shaped mirror. The final effect is understated and timeless, truly perfect for a beach-themed room or just as a statement piece in an entryway, hallway, or living room.

Tea Candles

Create your own custom candles by spray painting open, deep shells (such as scallops, clams, and quahogs) in your favorite metallic shades – mixing and matching encouraged! After the shells are thoroughly metallic, support the shells with foil or an egg carton, add a wick tab, and pour in melted candle wax.

Ombre Glitter Ornaments

Christmas in Florida calls for beachy ornaments, and what is Christmastime without a bit of sparkle? These easy glitter ombre shell ornaments allow you to customize the colors to your own Christmas color scheme, whether that’s bright and modern or classic red and green.

Soap Dish

Bring the beach to your bathroom or kitchen with a DIY soap dish. The dish comes together by gluing a large shell to an overturned small shell with two-part epoxy glue. Add your favorite bar of handmade soap and think of the sand and sea each time you wash your hands.

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Night Light

Give the hallway a gentle glow or keep the nightmares at bay in the kids’ room with this easy seashell nightlight. You’ll glue a cleaned and bleached seashell or sand dollar onto the nightlight clip using epoxy glue, then screw the lightbulb in for use.

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