Put That Seashell Collection To Good Use With These 7 Seashell Crafts For The Kids

Beautiful seashell mobile in a window

As the warm weather creeps around the corner, that means beach season is upon us. Chances are, your kids love to play in the water, build sand castles, and collect seashells. It can break a parent’s heart when they want to bring home their findings from the beach and you can’t allow it because it’s clutter. When your kids find seashells, see it as an opportunity to get their creative juices flowing at home with these seven seashell crafts.

Tropical Fish

Using seashells, paint, googly eyes, and glue, your kids can craft and construct their shells to look like fish. Using bright colors and lots of creativity when designing their fish, your kids will love this craft.

Seashell Wreath

Your kids love nothing more than when you display their art. But, sometimes their art is not always aesthetically pleasing to the home. This Seashell Wreath craft adds a cute, pretty, and shiny touch anywhere around the home and best of all, it is made by your kids. This would look great hanging on the bedroom, patio, or bathroom door.

Shell Puppets

Do your kids love puppet shows, but want to ditch the stinky old socks they use? Try using their seashells instead. Using popsicle sticks, shells, glue, and googly eyes, your kids will be able to create the cutest seashell puppets and put on their very own puppet show for you.

Seashell People

Just like the puppets, this crafts allows your kids to create people using the shells they have. Using their shells for skirts, shirts, or hands, this crafts only requires glue, paper, popsicle sticks, and allows your kids to get creative.

Memory Box

This Seashell Memory Box makes for a beautiful display in any home, and best of all, your kids made it. This not only looks great but can make the craft so memorable. Wanting to remember a certain beach trip, or simply just display the good times? This craft is perfect.

Hand Painted Shells

There is something beautiful about hand painted shells, and they are so much fun for your kids to make. With only two required items, this should be a fairly easy craft. Using seashells and paint, let your kids go to town and paint those neutral-colored shells pretty, bright colors.

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Salt Dough Shell Hearts

Salt dough hearts can be even more cute when pressing seashells into them. Let the kids have some fun with the dough, shape them into hearts, and press their favorite seashells into them. These can be really cute as desk paper weights, coffee table décor, or just to have!

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