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Have Some Indoor Fun With These Family Activities

Cropped shot of an adorable little girl looking through a magnifying glass
There’s no better time to get kids engaged in science than during the winter months. Take advantage of snow and ice and get cold, hands-on learning about biology, chemistry, engineering, and mathematics. With help from Kitchen Counter Chronicle, we put together this great list of indoor STEM activities that will... [read more]

Check Out These Holiday Books For Kids

Mother and daughter laying on the carpet and reading a storybook together.
Virtual learning has increased our children’s screen time this season, and it is hard to limit when it involves their education. A good idea this holiday season is to read holiday-themed books. Children love a good holiday story, and they can read books that they know as movies. Some The... [read more]

Step Outside And Play A Game With The Family!

A family running through an outdoor park on a sunny day,
Living in Florida has many perks. While the rest of the country is gearing up for the changes that fall and winter bring, we're able to sit back and enjoy the temps just the way they are! This is the perfect time of year to get your family outside to... [read more]