Check Out These Holiday Books For Kids

Mother and daughter laying on the carpet and reading a storybook together.

Virtual learning has increased our children’s screen time this season, and it is hard to limit when it involves their education. A good idea this holiday season is to read holiday-themed books. Children love a good holiday story, and they can read books that they know as movies. Some The Wiser compiled a list of 25 holiday-themed children’s books to check out, and we picked some of our favorites!

Silent Night (The Christmas Choir)

This lyrical book by Lara Hawthorne uses the song lyrics that most know. The beautiful illustrations will delight any young reader.

Angela’s Christmas

This illustrated book is now an Emmy-nominated film on Netflix. Adults might think this story is a little fun as it tells the tale of how Angela ends up stealing an item from an altar.

Tough Cookie

This holiday tale is a fun depiction and adaptation of the gingerbread man story. Written and illustrated by Edward Hemingway, this cute picture book is sure to please.

Last Stop On The Reindeer Express

There is nothing like a tale of being too late to mail a letter for Christmas. This story takes the adventure in a new direction with a magical mailbox and the reindeer express. This is an interactive book with flaps to lift throughout.

The Christmas Tree Ship

This Christmas tale has a little bit of a historical backbone. It tells the tale of a ship in 1912 carrying Christmas trees to Chicago. It is perfect for children who are interested in historical fiction.

The Christmas Unicorn

Unicorns have become so popular amongst children lately, and they’ve made their way into a holiday book. This magical unicorn makes Christmas wishes come true in a really sweet tale.

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The Crayon’s Christmas

This sweet book is perfect for younger children. It is interactive with envelopes, games, and even a pop-up tree. Add it to your list to read for the holidays or even to give as a gift.

These holiday-themed books will get children off the computer, phone, or tablet in the evenings, and have them enjoying a good story!

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