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How To Choose The Right Tires

Man pointing at the tread on a tire
Choosing the right tires for your car is crucial for a safe and comfortable driving experience. With a wide range of options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which tires are the best fit for your vehicle. The experts at Car & Driver have created a great... [read more]

Get Your Car Ready For Summer Road Trips

Get Your Car Ready For Summer Road Trips
The summer is perfect to go on road trips across the beautiful United States of America. Whether you head to the mountains, the ocean, the plains, or the lake, there is so much to see and explore. Of course, the best part of any road trip is the journey. It... [read more]

How To Sell Your Car

For sale sign in the rear window of a burgundy vehicle.
it time to upgrade your vehicle. David Scott Lee Buick GMC, doesn't just provide the Crestview area with a fully stocked Buick and GMC dealership. We also, provide you with an easy way to sell your old car. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to... [read more]

A Guide For Your First Off-Road Adventure

Empty rugged dirt road with puddles in green pine and spruce forests in summer.Light and shadows in sunny day. Off-roading.
Going off-road in an SUV or pickup truck can be an thrilling adventure, but there are some precautions you should take. Make sure you're practicing these safe habits the next time you take your vehicle off-road. Slow and Steady Keeps You Safe The latest thrillers might have a few scenes with big... [read more]

Guide To LATCH Connectors & Tether Anchors

Man installs a child car seat in car at the back seat. Responsible father thought about the safety of his child
Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! As a new or expecting parent you're probably filled with worry and excitement about the parenting adventure ahead. One of those worries might be how to keep your little one safe when you're on the road. If so, follow this guide to learn... [read more]

Turn Your Next Drive Into Storytime With Reese’s Book Club App

Two women sit in the front seat of car.
When you hop in for a long drive, it’s good to have some onboard entertainment to make the trip more fun. Everybody enjoys a good story, and now there’s a new Buick-exclusive app that brings stories to life through your vehicle’s speakers. Try out the Reese’s Book Club app in... [read more]

The Ultimate Guide To Car Shopping Lingo

illustration of magnifying glass over line of car icons
When you enter the market to buy your next car, you might encounter some terms you’re not familiar with. There’s no need to worry, because Car and Driver has put together a car-buying glossary to help make sense of it all. Vehicle Vocabulary When you’re on the lot, you’ll see stickers in... [read more]

Protect Your Car During Hurricane Season

Storm damage: A tree blocks traffic on a paved road.
Hurricane season has stretched deep into 2023, with Hurricane Nicole as (hopefully) the last major storm of the season. But this is Florida, and the fact is that you never know. November is the last month in what is officially known as 'Hurricane Season,' so we may not be out... [read more]

Meet The New GMC Canyon AT4X

truck on trail with mountains
The new GMC Canyon AT4X re-thinks what's possible for a mid-size truck. The 2023 Canyon comes with a bold new exterior look, a fresh new interior, and an array of extreme off-roading hardware and innovative technology. That makes the 2023 model the most advanced and off-road capable Canyon we've ever... [read more]

Stay Adventurous With A GMC Canyon

Calling all adventure seekers to check out the 2022 GMC Canyon Small Truck. GMC’s new truck comes with three different model trims for every kind of explorer. Each trim has its own key features, but all Canyon trucks are made with the same technology and safety features to keep you... [read more]