Turn Your Next Drive Into Storytime With Reese’s Book Club App

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When you hop in for a long drive, it’s good to have some onboard entertainment to make the trip more fun. Everybody enjoys a good story, and now there’s a new Buick-exclusive app that brings stories to life through your vehicle’s speakers. Try out the Reese’s Book Club app in your Buick to liven up every excursion with engaging novels and podcasts!

Reese’s Book Club App

Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine enterprise has launched a digital book club curated by the actress herself. While there’s no set formula for how books are chosen for the club, stories typically feature a woman at the heart of the story, while a host of different writers and perspectives are represented in the catalogue. There’s also a selection of podcasts on the app, including the “How It Is” and “My Best Break-Up” shows.

Supporting Literacy, Supporting Writers

Whenever you pick an audiobook, you can listen knowing that you’re also helping others, as proceeds from any books purchased via the app go to a good cause. Reese’s Book Club sends its app proceeds to The Readership, an initiative designed to promote literacy ­– an investment that can payoff over an entire lifetime. Reese’s Book Club also has also launched the LitUp fellowship to provide emerging or underrepresented writers with opportunities to share their creativity with the world.

How to Get the App

There are a few things you’ll need before you get started – a compatible Buick model with a Connected Services plan and data, plus an Audiobooks.com account. If you can check all of those boxes, the next steps are quick and easy. First, select the “Apps” option on your Buick Infotainment system, and swipe until you see the Reese’s Book Club App. Next, follow the directions it provides, then read and accept its terms and conditions. Select “Get Started,” then sign into Audiobooks. From there, you can choose the book or podcast you want to enjoy.

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