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How To Choose A Classy Gift

Close-up photography of two hands while giving gift.
Receiving gifts is always fun, but part of the joy of Christmas morning is watching your loved ones unwrap the gifts you thoughtfully bought for them. Sometimes it's easy to pick a gift the people in your life will enjoy and sometimes it's a bit harder, especially when you're shopping... [read more]

How Different People Celebrate Christmas

Christmas Nativity Scene animation with real animals and trees on starry sky on golden bg
One of the wonderful things about the holiday season is seeing how different people around the world celebrate Christmas. The melting pot of people who make up America have brought so many traditions with them that you may see many different ways of celebrating this festive occasion in and around... [read more]

Florida Weather And Winter Fashion

A woman in a dark winter dress walks across a log
The warm temperatures in Central Florida mean you can still ride through Crestview, Florida with the panoramic moonroof of your Buick Enclave wide open well into the winter. That's great if you want to hit the beach for a few hours of sunbathing but not so great if you're a... [read more]

Plan A Turkey Day Game Night

Three girls play together a social game. Focus on hand.
While the game might be on, let's be honest, everyone is napping and not watching. Do not get me wrong, family naps are fun, but on a holiday centered around family, the family should be the focus. This year instead of falling asleep watching football, gather your family for a... [read more]

Last Minute Costume Ideas

If you're anything like us, sometimes life can just ... get ahead of you. Turn around and suddenly Halloween is just a few days away. You don't have time to hit up a department or specialty store -- where the costumes are picked-over and less-than-ideal by this time. But if... [read more]

Get Dressed Up With These Fall Fashion Trends

set of seasonal autumn fashion woman clothes, top view with copy space. Trendy shoes, sweater and handbag.
When the temperature drops in Florida, it's not much of a change, but we take full advantage of the 10 degrees cooler. It's time to put up your swimsuits and flip-flops and trade them for the latest fall trends. If you feel a few years behind the 2022 fall fashion... [read more]

Bake A Batch Of Spooky Cookies This Week

Halloween Cookies Close Up
Trick or treat? More like trick and treat. Because we've found a whole bunch of recipes that will both creep you out and please your palate simultaneously. So get into the Halloween spirit and bake a batch of spooky cookies this week. Spider Cookies These spiders don't bite. You bite them.  This... [read more]

Spend The Afternoon At These Fun Parks

Kid playing with mother in public park
Family time outside is important for both the health of your family but also for making memories. Spending time exploiting nature, playing on a playground together, or nightly walks are all fond memories your children will look back on as adults. If you are looking for another place for your... [read more]

Craving Coffee? Head To Casbah Coffee Co. Today

Adorable young couple drinking coffee together in city cafe.
In need of a great way to start your day or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up? Look no further than Casbah Coffee Co. Their coffee is roasted in-house, and they offer a variety of coffee drinks. Plus, they are a great place to pick up a fresh sandwich, soup, or baked goods.... [read more]

Try These 5 Tasty Seafood Meals

Poke bowl with salmon, avocado, cucumber, tomato and seaweed. Top view
If you are into seafood but do not know where to start to cook for yourself, or you want some new options, A Couple of Cooks has some great seafood dinners for you to try. Whether you want something more traditional or something adventurous, get your taste buds ready for... [read more]