Order Thai Food At Hill Monkeys

Egg rolls

Diners in Crestview, Florida, who want to get a taste of traditional Thai food should visit Hill Monkeys Thai Cuisine. This Thai restaurant features recipes that have been handed down for at least 400 years.  The staff has more than 20 years of experience making Thai food. The restaurant incorporates ingredients from local farmers to ensure that what ends up on a customer’s plate is fresh. Here are some items that patrons of Hill Monkeys Thai Cuisine can expect to find when they visit the restaurant.


It can be difficult to not only resist the mouth-watering appetizers on the Hill Monkeys menu, but to also decide which one to get. Succulent starter options include satay chicken, fried veggies egg rolls, crispy fried tofu, fried chicken wings, fried shrimp egg rolls, and crab cream cheese. With all those delicious options, you may want to consider the Hill Monkeys sampler.

Soups and Salads

Soups and salads can be outstanding precursors to a tasty meal. Other times, they can be an excellent choice to sub for the main course itself. There are many items at Hill Monkeys Thai Cuisine that customers may want to consider, such as hot and sour soup, wonton soup, larb, papaya salad, and avocado shrimp salad.


A classic staple of Thai cuisine that diners can enjoy at Hill Monkeys is curry. Some of the incredible curry options include massaman, panang, red curry, green curry, and pineapple curry. These curry dishes can be paired with chicken, pork, tofu, vegetables, beef, or shrimp.

Rice and Noodles

Another staple of many Thai restaurants is found in the rice and noodle section of the menu. Hill Monkeys Thai Cuisine has a wonderful take on these dishes. The options include Thai fried rice, fried rice with basil, kai soy, pad Thai, stir fried noodle, Thai pasta, drunken noodle, and Thai curry pasta.

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People who visit Hill Monkeys Thai Cuisine may find that there is something special about everything on the menu, but certain items are specifically labeled as such. Here are some popular dishes that get rave reviews from many of their customers: ginger shrimp glass noodles, stir fried glass noodles, pineapple fried rice, Thai southern, spicy garlic lime pork, param long song, fried shrimp, crispy Thai basil, crispy pork belly, and teriyaki.

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