How To Cook For Mom On Mother’s Day

overhead view of quiche
Want to do something sweet for Mother’s Day? A homecooked meal could be the perfect way to go, so take a look at these Mother’s Day recipes by Feasting at Home, then pique your appetite with these outstanding options.

French Toast

Whether you’re preparing breakfast, brunch, or any other meal on Mother’s Day, it’s always a good time for French Toast. Along with the eggs and cream, the added flavors of maple syrup and orange zest brighten up the breakfast favorite, while you can further enrich the taste of your toast with spices like allspice, nutmeg, and cinnamon. To top it all off, whip up a compote of berries and syrup. This recipe works with all kinds of berries, and if you can’t choose a favorite, use a blend!


Quiche is one of those wonderfully adaptable dishes that can be remixed and reimagined in so many different ways. It all starts with a simple recipe, and this savory pie is easy to master once you’re familiar with the basics. The pie filling is made from custard, and this recipe calls for the added flavors of sauteed mushrooms, leeks, bell peppers, pancetta, and other delights. Herbs include basil, thyme, and oregano, but you’re always welcome to swap out and substitute depending on what you and your mom prefer. Cheese adds its own richness, and the recipe suggests meltable varieties like feta, Swiss, and gruyere.

Masala Chai Tea

This amazingly aromatic tea would be perfect for sipping after the meal or all the way through. Masala tea, or spiced tea, is a black tea enhanced with a variety of spices and often mixed with milk for a creamier texture. Assam or Darjeeling teas would be ideal teas for their authentic flavor, but you can really use any black tea with a flavor strong enough to not get lost among spices like cloves, star anise, cinnamon, and cardamom.

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