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Enjoy Dinner At Emerald Isle Seafood

Fresh, Raw and Cooked Seafood Platter, Cannes, France
Do you love fresh seafood but don’t feel like catching it yourself tonight? You can get the next best thing at Emerald Isle Seafood in Crestview. The restaurant serves some of the freshest seafood around, so you’re sure to love your meal here. Get the scoop to see why this... [read more]

Get Your Seafood Fix At Emerald Isle

Deep Fried Calamari,
Are you craving fresh seafood? If so, Emerald Isle Seafood in Crestview is the place to go. Part restaurant and part seafood market, you can dine in or grab some fresh fish to prepare at home. Get the details on Emerald Isle Seafood and stop by for the tastiest seafood... [read more]