Turkey Day Recipes Are Ready In No Time

Cheese Ball with Crackers
Looking for that perfect side dish to bring to the family gathering but don’t want to spend hours slaving over a stove? Then these recipes are for you! They take minimal time but will leave people believing you spent all day in the kitchen. Both are traditional Thanksgiving recipes that... [read more]

Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

Green grass in snow
The best way to ensure that your yard possesses thick, luscious grass in the springtime is to get a jump on lawn care during the cool fall months. Make sure the grass is greener on YOUR side next spring by practicing these lawn care tips! Clear Out the Fallen Leaves The carpet of... [read more]

Say Thanks To Our Heroes

parade of people holding American flags
The riders of the Panhandle Saddle Club will be riding in the Veterans Day Parade this year! On Veterans Day, Thursday, November 11th, riders will strut the streets of Crestview in honor of those who have fought bravely for our country. The parade will last around 45 minutes and will... [read more]

Save More On Gas With These Tips

Hand refilling the car with fuel at the refuel station
Seeing the gas light come on in your vehicle is one of the quickest ways to bring down your mood. No one likes having to make a special stop at the gas station, especially in the freezing wind of winter or the blistering heat of summer.  Every time you have... [read more]

8 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Little girl in Halloween costumes goes to trick or treating
If you're running out of time to put together a Halloween costume, you're in luck! Here are eight super fun and simple costume ideas that you can probably make in just a few minutes with stuff you already have at home. No need to worry about fighting the retail crowd... [read more]

Enjoy The Weather At Henderson Beach State Park

Mother and young son walking along a path at state park beach
Experience the white sands and rolling waves of Henderson Beach State Park! This popular summertime vacation spot is equally as beautiful during the off-season months. Make your daydreams a reality while gazing upon the magnificent shoreline of the Emerald Coast. History The Henderson family purchased the park in 1983 and opened it... [read more]

Devour These Quick And Easy Game Day Snacks

Baked Frito Taco Dip
Gameday and easy dips make for a winning combination. That's why we are bringing you three quick and easy game-day snacks that are sure to be gone by halftime! Salmon Party Spread This one-step party spread will be a crowd-pleaser, plus it takes quick and easy to the next level! 1 package... [read more]

Stay Safe On The Road With These Driving Tips

Driver adjusting the Rear Mirror
Get to your destination safely using these safety tips that every driver should know. Keep you and your passengers safe every time you get behind the wheel. These days, drivers can be distracted by so many things inside and outside the vehicle. Use these safety tips to ensure the safest... [read more]

Pumpkin Everything: Try Out These Autumn Recipes

pumpkin bread
When you think of pumpkin, you likely imagine pumpkin pie. While pie is delicious, there are other ways to use pumpkin as well. Try these autumn recipes to enjoy some pumpkin. Pumpkin and Bacon Mac and Cheese For lunch or dinner, consider this upgraded mac and cheese. To begin, heat oil in a... [read more]

Enjoy a Family Dining Experience At The Wild Olive

Beautiful senior mother and daughter eating lunch together at restaurant
For a delicious local dining experience, consider The Wild Olive. You can head over for lunch or dinner at this local restaurant right here in Crestview. No matter when you visit, expect a delicious meal. Crucial Details to Plan a Meal Before driving to The Wild Olive, make sure you know where... [read more]