8 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Little girl in Halloween costumes goes to trick or treatingIf you’re running out of time to put together a Halloween costume, you’re in luck! Here are eight super fun and simple costume ideas that you can probably make in just a few minutes with stuff you already have at home. No need to worry about fighting the retail crowd for a pair of vampire teeth or some cat ears. These costumes are here and ready to help you out!

Error Costume Not Found

When you’ve really hit rock bottom in the Halloween costume department, create this classic error message t-shirt to keep everyone around you laughing.

Pantone Color Swatch

Throw on a monochromatic look for this super simple costume idea. Print out a Pantone swatch frame and tape it to your shirt. You can dress this look up or keep it casual.

The Price Is Right Contestant

For this costume idea, you can wear whatever you want. All you have to do is create a name tag like the large yellow ones featured on the show and you’re set!

Disney Park Tourist

This costume idea is easy if you have any Disney clothing articles in your closet. Pair them with some cargo shorts and a fanny pack to really look like a tourist.

Clark Kent-Superman

Put on a Superman tee under a suit and tie business look for this fun and iconic costume. Gel your hair and put on a pair of glasses to really look the part!

Cosmic Brownie

This costume is sure to impress! All you need is a brown outfit and multi-colored pompoms! Give some Cosmic Brownies to the costume contest judges to earn extra points.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

Stop by your local market and grab some fresh roses. Wear your fanciest outfit and ask your fellow party-goers “Will you accept this rose?” They will get the joke!

Work From Home Employee

Business casual up top, pajamas down below. That’s the typical work-from-home look these days. Carry around your laptop to really pull off this hilarious look!

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