Easy Post-Holiday Winter Décor

Cozy living room winter interior with fireplace, two cups with hot chocolate waiting to be drunk.

How much time did you spend putting up all of your beautiful Christmas decorations. Probably a while. Wouldn’t it be a waste to take it all down and put it away until the end of the year. Luckily you don’t have to, some of your holiday decorations can be repurposed as seasonal, winter décor.  So, if you haven’t taken it all your decorations down yet, pump the brakes and use these tips to make them last all winter.

Pine Cones and Greenery

Bringing the outside in is still a major interior design trend, so if you used pine cones, pine needles, and other greenery to decorate for Christmas, you don’t have to take it down just yet.  Pine cones are a decoration piece that you can use from the beginning of fall until the flowers start blooming in spring because they naturally occur in the great outdoors during this time of year. Likewise, your evergreen garlands will go nicely with the rest of your décor and add a little color to your living spaces.

Blankets and Pillows

The pillow with Santa and his reindeer on it probably needs to go back in storage. However, the rest of your pillows and blankets don’t need to be tucked away. Keep as many of them scattered around your living space as you like. They’ll help make it feel cozy and warm all winter long.

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Lights and Candles

Who said warm, glowing candles and twinkling lights were only for Christmas time? Whoever it was, they were wrong. Just because you’ve packed away your Christmas tree doesn’t mean all the lights have to go with it. Put your red and green lights away but you can keep out a few of neutral colored string lights until spring. They’ll look great wrapped around your garlands. As for your candles, those never go out of style. You can create an ambient glow in your home with battery powered candles or light a few real ones. Just remember to blow them out.

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