Plan A Turkey Day Game Night

Three girls play together a social game. Focus on hand.

While the game might be on, let’s be honest, everyone is napping and not watching. Do not get me wrong, family naps are fun, but on a holiday centered around family, the family should be the focus. This year instead of falling asleep watching football, gather your family for a fun game night inspired by Play Party Plan!

Gratitude Games

The Skittles Gratitude Game color-codes what you are grateful for. This game is great for kids to help them discuss feeling thankful and as a plus, everyone gets candy! In a different, but similar vein, the Thanksgiving Dice Game tells you who or what you are grateful for this year. Roll the dice and say something nice about your family.

Classic Games with a Spin

Drawing under a time crunch is already hard, so why not add Thanksgiving topics to it? This year, play Thanksgiving Pictionary with your family! Who knows, having one topic might make it easier. Or if your family is fond of the stage, try Thanksgiving charades. Can you tell who is acting out a turkey and who is acting out turkey carving?

Or play Thanksgiving Bingo while you are digesting your meal or enjoying your pie. All you will need is the Thanksgiving Bingo sheet and something to mark spaces with. Another fun one is Thanksgiving Would You Rather, where you have to choose between some normal and some wacky Thanksgiving-inspired questions that might leave you second-guessing your family’s answers.

Game Show Favorites on Turkey Day

Play Minute to Win It Thanksgiving this year. Play Party Plan has a few for you to choose from that will get your family laughing and moving. Or play Thanksgiving Family Feud, having to guess what the survey says about Thanksgiving Day traditions, food, family time, and history.

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Thanksgiving Outburst

Perfect for kids and adults, Thanksgiving Outburst has you try to list everything you can about a Thanksgiving topic. See what you can remember and what you forget under pressure! Better yet, turn this into a Fast Money feeling game by having one person leave and the other guess as much as they can under a time crunch. Add some suspense to keep the competition up!

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