Last Minute Costume Ideas

Cute kids in Halloween costumes

If you’re anything like us, sometimes life can just … get ahead of you. Turn around and suddenly Halloween is just a few days away. You don’t have time to hit up a department or specialty store — where the costumes are picked-over and less-than-ideal by this time. But if you’ve got a little gumption, you can make an awesome DIY Halloween costume for either yourself or your children. And it won’t even take that long. The Pioneer Woman has some great ideas that won’t break the bank and won’t even take that long.

Repurpose, Re-Use

Amazon boxes seem to multiply like rabbits, so if you’ve got some of those lying around, you can repurpose one (or several) of those into robot or cassette tape (remember those?) costume. Want some extra street cred from the Gen-X crowd? Make it a mixtape featuring bands from the 1980s. Sometimes clothes in your closet can be re-used as a Halloween costume with very little effort. A baggy green shirt and a pair of brown chinos or corduroy pants? You’ve got a head start on a costume as Scooby Doo’s sidekick (and keeper of the Scooby Snacks), Shaggy. If that’s a little too old-school for you? Check your closet for bright blue, green, or pink clothing … it’s a small step forward to a PowerPuff Girls costume!

Playing Ball

Got a kid who loves to spend his or her time on the baseball diamond? You’re a short-sleeved button-down shirt, some plastic glasses frames and a broken-in baseball glove away from an easy costume based on the hit movie The Sandlot. Keeping with that particular movie: White-framed sunglasses paired with a white headband and a pretty sundress can complete a Wendy Peffercorn outfit perfectly. But if you’re interested in something a little more modern? This year, characters from the hit Peacock show Yellowstone are very popular. Cowboy hats, sunglasses, chambray work shirts and broken-in blue jeans make this costume comfortable all day.

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What You’ll Need

Here’s the biggest thing you’ll need to make an easy DIY Halloween costume: Your imagination. Take a look at what’s available around you and free that inner creative muse in your head!

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