Craving Coffee? Head To Casbah Coffee Co. Today

Adorable young couple drinking coffee together in city cafe.

In need of a great way to start your day or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up? Look no further than Casbah Coffee Co. Their coffee is roasted in-house, and they offer a variety of coffee drinks. Plus, they are a great place to pick up a fresh sandwich, soup, or baked goods. Whether you are on a breakfast run or need to relax with a cup of coffee, Casbah Coffee Company has you covered.

Special Items at Casbah Coffee Co.

Having coffee roasted in-house allows for more time and effort to be placed on the coffee. Not to mention, provides you with the guarantee that you are drinking fresh coffee with every beverage you get from Casbah Coffee Company.

Not only does Casbah Coffee Co. roast in-house, but they also offer cold brew. The process for the cold brew starts at night when they leave the coffee grounds soaking in water. Due to this, the coffee never meets hot water and leaves a sweeter and even coffee flavor than traditional iced coffees.

Other Coffee House Options

Besides cold brew, Casbah Coffee Co. offers an iced latte, iced americano, iced mocha, frappes, and different syrups and sauces to mix your order up. If you are not a coffee person, Casbah Coffee Co. has something for you too. You can choose from hot teas, iced teas, chai latte, iced chai, hot chocolate, caramel apple cider, Italian soda, smoothies, and red bull options.

Fresh Made Food

From breakfast to entrees, Casbah Coffee Co. has a wide selection of food to choose from. For breakfast enjoy eggs benedict, oatmeal, cinnamon roll bread pudding, cruise bagel, oatmeal, and a jalapeño bacon frittata to name a few options. Anyone wanting a baked good can enjoy cinnamon rolls, brownies, bars, assorted bagels, and seasonal cookies and muffins. If you are wanting a quick meal for lunch or dinner, try the ham and Swiss sandwich, Cincinnati grilled cheese, a BLT, Maddy’s turkey sandwich, or casbah club panini. All entrees are served with chips and a pickle spear.

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Their Community Focus

Because Casbah Coffee Co. is community focused, operating and living in Crestview, they are pivotal in community projects and associations. Casbah Coffee Co. is a member of the Crestview Main Street Association, Crestview Chamber of Commerce, and Crestview Community Garden.

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