Beat The Heat And Keep Your Car Cool With These 10 Tips

Protective reflective surface under the windshield of the passenger car parked on a hot day, heated by the sun's rays inside the car.

Protective reflective surface under the windshield of the passenger car parked on a hot day, heated by the sun's rays inside the car.

Summer heat can be even more miserable when you’re getting in the car and trying to cool it down. Temperatures soar when a car sits in the sun. And there’s something fierce about the Florida heat that can melt anything you leave on the dashboard. Fortunately, there are some great tips you can use to keep your car cooler and reduce the strain on your air conditioning.

Park in the Shade Whenever Possible

It’s easier said than done, but if a shaded spot is available, head straight for it. The bright sun hitting a car can make it unbearable quickly inside the car. Then you’ll have to spend far too long trying to cool it down before you can even get inside it.

Use a Sunshade Even in the Shade

Even if you found a nice spot under a shady tree, place the sunshade on the windshield as every little bit helps. You’ll have a much cooler seat and steering wheel when you get back in your car.

Keep Some Towels Handy

Grab some light-colored towels and stash them in your car when you have to park somewhere sunny. Then you can place the towels over the seats, steering wheel, and dashboard to keep the darker materials from absorbing all of that heat.

Crack Your Windows if You Can

In Florida, an afternoon rainstorm can roll through quickly. But if it doesn’t look like it’s going to rain, crack your car windows slightly to allow air to move through. It’ll make a big difference and allow you to cool the car more quickly when you return to it.

Use the Floor Vents

When you first crank the air conditioning on, open your car’s floor vents to allow cool air to blow through. As it warms and rises, it’ll help push the hottest air up and out of your open car doors or windows. Once the superheated air is pushed out, you can close the floor vents and open the dashboard vents.

Get in Gear Quickly

The sooner you can get your car moving, the faster you can move that hot air out. Lower your windows enough to let the trapped hot air out. The motion of the car will speed up the process. As the temperatures stabilize, you can raise the windows back up and let the AC do its job.

Seat Covers Can Save You

Some cars with leather or vinyl upholstery can become too hot to touch. You may not be able to wait in the direct sun for the material to cool down. In fact, bringing larger towels or blankets lets you place a protective layer between your legs and the piping hot seat.

Doors Wide Open

When you start your car and turn the AC up, leave your car doors open for a moment or two. The hot air will circulate out faster.

Don’t Recycle This Time

When you turn your AC on, make sure you’ve put it on the fresh air setting and not the recycled air setting. It’ll cool down more quickly, drawing in air from outside the car.

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Get Your AC Checked and Charged

It’s essential to have a mechanic inspect your air conditioning at the start of the season. They can check for any repairs, top off fluids, and ensure your AC is in good working order.

Get great service and ensure your car gets cooler faster. Visit David Scott Lee Buick GMC in Crestview, Florida, to schedule a service appointment. They’ll take care of your car and ensure your AC will get you through the Florida summer. And if your AC can no longer keep up, talk to an associate today about getting into a new car in time for summer.

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