5 Acts Of Service Your Dad Will Love This Fathers Day

father hanging out with kids

father hanging out with kids

If holidays always sneak up on you, this is your friendly reminder that Father’s Day is this month! Sunday, June 19 is dedicated to celebrating dad and enjoying all of his favorite activities. Whether your dad is a hunting fanatic, car enthusiast, occasional golfer, or a professional grill master, we have some ways you can serve him on his special day. Honor him with one of these five Father’s Day acts of service!

Give Him Your Time

Simply said, sometimes one of the best gifts is your time. The hustle of everyday life probably gets in the way of you two spending time together. On Sunday, June 19, make it a point to clear your schedule, and be open to doing what your father would like to do. Whether he wants your help out in the yard or to sit back and enjoy a movie marathon, it’s his day.

Check Something Off His To-Do List

It seems that there’s never an end to our to-do lists. Ask your dad what he needs to be done and instead of helping him out, just do it yourself. Run a few errands, clean the grill, or take the dog to the vet. He will appreciate it!

Yard Work

Don’t let dad sweat out in the yard the week of Father’s Day. Pull your siblings together to complete a week’s worth of yard work so your dad doesn’t have to. He will be thrilled to see his grass looking green, all thanks to his kiddos!

Words of Affirmation

Your dad is is a super dad, and sometimes, acts of service don’t confirm our true appreciation. Take the time to sit down and write your father a letter. Tell him everything you love and appreciate about him. If you have never seen your dad shed a tear, Father’s Day may be the day.

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Do Something He Loves

Every dad has their interests. Whether he loves NASCAR, grilling out on the patio, shopping for hunting gear, or live music, Father’s Day is devoted to him, so be sure to make plans catered to his interests.

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