The Ultimate Checklist Before The Holiday

Woman hands with pen and mobile phone writing christmas wish list, goals.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed during the holidays? It seems like major holidays can sneak up on you out of nowhere, leaving you scrambling and unprepared. Fortunately, you can change that this year by using this ultimate holiday checklist. It will help you get everything ready in time for the big day.

Dec. 13 – Less Than Two Weeks Before Christmas

The holidays are less than two weeks away, so it’s time to start planning. Plan your holiday menus now, so you’ll know what you’re going to serve. After planning your menu, see if you have any special food items that you need to order, such as a fresh ham or turkey. If you do, place your order now since some stores require advance notice of up to 10 days.

Now is also a fantastic time to display holiday cards that you’ve received from your friends and family. This will add some holiday cheer to your house and help you power through with your last-minute preparations.

Dec. 18 – The Week Before Christmas

You’ll need to ramp up your planning and preparation in the week leading up to Christmas. First, hang your stockings up. Then go to the grocery store for the final run before the holiday meal. You can buy non-perishable supplies at any point, but don’t get the perishable food until three or four days before the meal.

Finally, go through your menu to see what you can cook ahead of time. If there are dishes you can freeze, cook them now so you won’t have so much to do on the big day.

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Dec. 21-25: Christmas Week

Christmas week starts on Dec. 21 this year, and you need to kick into high gear when it arrives. First, wrap all of your gifts. This task often takes longer than anticipated, so start at the beginning of the week so you won’t have to do any last-minute wrapping. That can be stressful and take you right out of the holiday mood.

Next, perform a house inspection if you’re hosting the holiday meal. Make sure everything is in order and ready to receive guests.

If you’re going to use a camera or camcorder to recover the festivities, make sure they’re charged or have fresh batteries. Also, if you haven’t used them for a while, you might want to take a few photos or a short video to get your bearings.

If you have little ones, lay out cookies and milk or another treat for Santa on Christmas Eve. Then, when they go to bed, display the presents and get ready for the fun.

This checklist will help you navigate the holidays with ease. The season is so fast-paced that working off a checklist is helpful.

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