Take Your Four-Legged Baby To Twin Hills Dog Park

Owner and beagle enjoying their time outside
park. Obedient pet with his owner. Walking of pets.

Owner and beagle enjoying their time outside

Here in Crestview, Florida, it’s no secret we have gorgeous beachy views. Although, your pup might not be allowed to enjoy the sand with you. We have a solution for you! With spring approaching, and your unbreakable pet and owner bond, you two should spend some quality time together. The Twin Hills Dog Park is perfect for adventure, and it’s loaded with stunning scenery, giving the beach a run for its money.


Have you ever heard of this sweet doggie park before? If not, that is because it is coming soon! Located directly on the corner of Highway 90 and Castell Street, in the northwest corner of the Twin Hills Park, this dog park is your pup’s newest happy place.

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What to Expect

Did we mention entry is completely free? As long as you have your pup’s registration, license, and vaccination tags, you are welcome in. Once you and your furry friend enter behind the fenced areas, let your little guy or girl run free. That’s right, Twin Hills has an off-leash rule. With spaces for both small and large dogs, you can confidently let them run free, allowing fun with the same-sized friends. Also, don’t forget to utilize the play equipment, such as the bridge or tunnel. Does all of the running make your furry friend parched? There are complimentary water fountains for them to enjoy.

For your comfort, there are benches on site. Although, make sure you keep your eyes on your four-legged friend at all times. After all, you never know when they’re going to do something extra adorable! If you are interested in working in your exercise as well, latch back on the leash and take your dog with you down the mile-long path at Twin Hills.

Make sure you use the restroom before you come because there isn’t a public one available. Of course, your furry guy or girl is welcome to take a squat as needed, but please keep Twin Hills beautiful and pick up after them.

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