Quick Tips For Cleaning Your Air Fryer

Air fryer sitting in the kitchen

Air fryer sitting in the kitchen

The popularity of air fryers has skyrocketed over the past year. In fact, they’ve basically become a saving grace for most of us. They deliver hot, crispy, food in a fraction of the time it would take to preheat and pop in the oven. Not to mention their portability; you can take your air fryer with you anywhere and they aren’t difficult to store until you need them. There does seem to be a catch, though, and that’s that with quick meals comes a quick mess. Even one meal in the air fryer can create stuck-on grease and oil, not to mention what multiple meals can do to it. It’s nothing a good clean can’t fix though, especially if you put a little elbow grease (pun intended) into it. Here are a few tips that’ll have you air-frying again in no time.

Remove From The Plug

First things first, unplug your air fryer from the outlet since we will be dealing with water. After you unplug, make sure it’s not hot anymore before you start the cleaning process. Go ahead and take the removable parts out of the main unit, since those will be the only pieces you’ll be putting in water.

Clean the Removeable Pieces

Wash the pieces that come out easily (basket, tray, pan) by dunking them in warm soapy water. Use a rag to really clean it well, and then a dry rag to wash off the soap and water.

Clean a Little Deeper

We’ve really only scratched the surface here since there’s guaranteed to be some food or grease that’s been baked in. For those stubborn areas, you’ll want to set them in soapy water to soak for about 10 minutes (reminder: only the removable pieces can go into the water). Then, try scrubbing and see how easily it comes off.

Wipe the Outside

The inside is spotless now, but the outside probably has some smudges. Use a wet cloth or sponge and give it a good wipe.

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Put It All Together

Now you’re ready to reassemble your trusty air fryer, and get back to cooking! It’s a smart idea to do this weekly or even more often, depending on how frequently you use your air fryer.

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