Guide To LATCH Connectors & Tether Anchors

Man installs a child car seat in car at the back seat. Responsible father thought about the safety of his child

Man installs a child car seat in car at the back seat. Responsible father thought about the safety of his child

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! As a new or expecting parent you’re probably filled with worry and excitement about the parenting adventure ahead. One of those worries might be how to keep your little one safe when you’re on the road. If so, follow this guide to learn everything you need to know about installing your first car seat using a LATCH connector or tether anchor.

What are LATCH Connectors and Tether Anchors?

In the past, car seats depended on seat belts alone for security but most modern  vehicles now come with LATCH connectors or tether anchors that allow your to secure your car seat a little better. LATCH stands for Lower Anchor and Tether for Children. It uses straps from the car seat that connect to metal anchors in the vehicle. Tether anchors connect to the strap at the top of your child’s front facing car seats to keep it from tipping forward.

How to Use a LATCH Connector

Installing a LATCH Connector will be slightly different depending on your vehicle. The LATCH is typically located between the back rest and the seat cushions. Check your owner’s manual to find out exactly where the connectors are located in your vehicle. Once you’ve located the LATCH connectors, use this video tutorial for an in-depth guide to installing your child’s car seat.

How to Use a Tether Anchor

To install a car seat using a tether anchor, first locate the tether. The tether is a strap on the back of your child’s car seat. The strap will have a hook on the end of it. Once you’ve located the tether, find the tether anchor in your vehicle. Your tether anchor will likely be located on the ceiling, the back of the seat, or on the rear shelf of the vehicle. Once you’ve located the tether anchor, simply attach the hook from the strap to the tether anchor. Finally, tighten the strap until the seat is nice and snug.

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