9 Tips To Keep You And Your Family Safe While Grilling This Summer

amburgers cooking on the BBQ

amburgers cooking on the BBQ

Warmer weather means more picnics, cookouts, and outdoor parties. Spending time outside and cooking food is such a great way to get people together. Grill fires happen every year and can become catastrophic. So, to make sure that doesn’t happen, we have a list of grilling safety tips to follow so that you can have a fun and safe summer.

Grill Outside

This tip may seem obvious, but it’s important to make sure you only use your grill outside. That being said, garages or balconies with a cover are all considered ‘indoors’ and could be a fire hazard. Grills need plenty of ventilation that they can only get from being fully outside.

In addition to keeping your grill outside, you should also make sure it is not placed too close to your home. If placed too close, the materials on the side of the building could heat up and cause a fire. Keeping your grill at least 10 feet from your home should give you enough safe space. Keep your grill on a flat and level surface for your safety.

Check Your Grill

During winter, your grill can get neglected. When you finally start using it again, make sure you check for any leaks in the gas lines that can cause built-up propane. You always want to leave the lid of the grill up while starting the grill.


Cleaning your grill may seem tedious, but it will be worth it in the long run. Grilling causes a build-up in the grease tray and grill plates, which can cause a fire if it is not cleaned regularly. Both charcoal and gas grills need cleaning after each use. Use a grill brush to keep the grill clean and empty the grease tray regularly.

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While Grilling

Never leave your grill unattended while grilling. High heat and open flames while unattended are a recipe for disaster. Also, make sure you wear clothing that doesn’t have long sleeves or loose hanging that will dangle over the grill. All of these things could cause a potential grill fire or injury.

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