The 6 Best Spots For A Spring Picnic

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The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and it is beautiful weather for a spring picnic. Whether you are going on a romantic picnic date or inviting the whole family, these 6 picnic spots in Crestview, Florida are great spots for either.

Twin Hills Park

This park is a total of 24-acres and is located just off Highway 90. This park is known for being the home of many of Crestview’s football, soccer, and basketball leagues. So if you are looking to bring a little competition to your next picnic, this is just the spot.

Blackwater River State Park

Blackwater River State Park has a wide variety of activities you can participate in. The majority of these are centered around the river. There are also spots where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery of the water. You have the best of both worlds at this park!

Henderson Beach State Park

Offering snow-white sand, a 30-foot shoreline, and beautiful sunsets, Henderson Beach State Park will make for the perfect beach picnic. Get some sun and enjoy the gulf while sharing a meal at this park. This spot can be great for couples.

Navarre Central Dog Park

Everyone loves a park you can bring your pup to. Navarre Central Dog Park is a great place to let your pup roam. This park is open from sunrise to sunset, so you can enjoy the majority of the day there if you wish.

Eden Gardens State Park

This park is filled with blooming flowers, so it creates a beautiful scenery for a spring picnic. Its focal point is a two-story white house with huge columns and a wrap-around porch. Here you will see Spanish moss, beautiful flowers, and enjoy the colorful things nature produces.

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Grayton Beach State Park

Grayton Beach State Park is a beautiful and pristine beach. This park offers fishing, paddling, and many more water activities. Grayton Beach makes for a romantic place to picnic at sunset or simply spend the day basking in the sun!

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