4 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Hurricane Season

Sandbag for flood on the sea shore.Though spring usually means warmer weather, the beach, and spring break, it can also mean hurricane season is right around the corner for Florida residents. As you’re packing for the beach, begin to think about how you can prepare your home, family, and valuables for bad weather. These 4 tips will help to get you started with preparing your home. 

Prepare for Flooding 

Flooding is something that is unavoidable during a hurricane and can be very damaging to your home and your belongings. It is statistically proven by FEMA that just one inch of water can cost the average family about $25,000 in repairs. The price for fixing flood damage only goes up from there. One thing you can do to avoid expensive damage is to install a sump pump. This way, if your crawl space begins to flood, the pump will automatically start pumping the water out and away from your home. When it comes to flooding, being fast and efficient is important. You can also try using sandbags around the doors and entryways of your home. This will help absorb any water that is a threat to come into your home during a flood. 

Prepare for the Heavy Rain 

Think about how much rain during a hurricane will fall on your roof, and how heavy it is. If you don’t have water systems in place, all of that water can end up in your home. Be sure to clean your drains and gutters. If your drains and gutters are clogged, all the rainwater won’t have anywhere to go. Get the gutters and drains cleaned out beforehand to ensure the water flows smoothly away from the home. Also, be sure to remove any yard debris, as cleaning up the yard before a hurricane can reduce the chances of a clogged drain.

Prepare for the Wind

The high-speed winds of a hurricane are probably one of the most dangerous factors. Winds can reach up to 100 miles per hour and can be a real threat to your home. Be sure to cover your windows. You’ll want to protect them with a sheet of 5/8″ plywood. This will act as a temporary barrier to protect the glass, but there are more permanent options, such as storm shutters. Just as the windows are important, so are the doors. A garage door is one of the weaker parts of the home and if compromised during a hurricane, it can cause more damage to the home. Make sure your home is secure with a wind-load garage door or you can use a brace or hurricane shutter to protect it. 

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Prepare for the Outages 

Electricity can be out for long periods of time during hurricanes. Prepare by adding a backup battery to your sump pump and purchase a generator and bags of ice. Having a generator on hand will help you run power tools and appliances after the storm has passed. Keeping water and ice on hand can help preserve food that may perish. 

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