Fuel Up For The Day At Casbah Coffee Company

barista behind the counter preparing a coffeeWhile the weather is getting warmer, it does not mean coffee lovers don’t need their daily dose of caffeine to kick-start their day. If you’re looking to add a local coffee place to your morning routine a few times a week, or maybe you just want to switch up that common Starbucks taste, you should stop by Casbah Coffee Company. This place roasts and grinds its coffee daily to give you the best quality coffee experience.

About Casbah Coffee Company 

Casbah Coffee Company is a local, family-owned coffee roaster and coffeehouse that also has baked goods on its menu. Casbah also serves sandwiches and soups in case you are looking for a different kind of fuel. The thing that makes Casbah Coffee Company so unique is that it is Crestview’s only coffee roaster. This guarantees you will get the freshest roasted coffee and coffee-inspired drinks. 

How They do it and How They Brew it

Every night, Casbah starts what they call their “cold brew” process. Each morning, they can provide the local community and customers with the smoothest coffee products poured over ice. It provides customers with a coffee that is tasty and low in acid, which means it will taste sweeter when compared to other brewed iced coffee. They soak their ground coffee overnight, and since the ground coffee does not ever come into contact with heated water, the process of getting the flavor from the coffee beans is an eco-friendly process.

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What Coffee are You Choosing? 

Casbah Coffee has a menu that includes but is not limited to coffee in every way possible to drink it. From espresso to iced, to lattes and more, Casbah Coffee Company can do and brew it all for you. They also include tea, hot chocolate, smoothies, Italian soda, and apple cider on their menu. So if you are not a coffee guru, there is certainly something for you at Casbah Coffee Company.

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