Celebrate Valentines On A Budget This Year

young woman with valentines cardValentine’s Day is often stereotyped as a more expensive holiday. Most people assume that you have to go all out financially with gifts. Although, in all honesty, there are ways to spoil your loved ones on a budget. There are ways to treat them to something nice, a sweet treat, or something that makes them feel special without breaking the bank. Therefore, this Valentine’s Day, do not be stressed about finances. Instead, check out these ideas that are guaranteed to make anyone feel special. 

Complete an Act of Service

Does your loved one have a busy schedule? Or does he or she hate doing housework? Try picking up some chores for them. Perhaps, take their car to get a car wash or that long-overdue oil change. Maybe the house just needs some tender, love, and care? All these things are guaranteed to make your significant other’s life easier, while also making them feel special. 

A Book of Words of Affirmations 

Anything handmade is an easy, heart-warming gift. In addition to that, giving your loved one something handmade from the heart is even better. This idea is similar to the typical jar, filled with little pieces of paper stating reasons why you love the other person. Although, this one is bound into a book form and formatted to make it easy to fill in. The “What I Love About You” Book is $9.90. You can make it funny, romantic, or whatever symbolizes your relationship. 

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Phones Away

Phones are easily the biggest distractions in life. It can be easy to get on your phone, but over time, it make your partner feel like they are not getting enough quality time with you. If you are planning to stay in this holiday, find a place to put away your phones. Lock them up and spend uninterrupted, intentional, and quality time with each other. You will be amazed at how much fun you have, what great conversations come about, and how much more fun staying home is when you aren’t distracted by the media world. 

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