Get The Most Out Of Your GMC Infotainment System

Stay connected on the go

GMC’s infotainment system is jam-packed with the newest technology to ensure that everything you need is at your fingertips. For GMC drivers, turning on the navigation system, listening to the radio, and pairing their phone is always a piece of cake. So many drivers with infotainment systems don’t take the time to learn what they do and how they do it because they feel it may be too complicated, but our technology is user-friendly. Safety is our top priority, and that will be evident once you explore the deluxe features.

About The GMC’s Infotainment System

The GMC Infotainment system has been designed to be straightforward and easy to use. Though it may be easy to use, it is crucial to know how to use the system’s capabilities to your daily advantage. The GMC Infotainment System includes ways to pair your phone to keep you hands-free, find local businesses, and utilize Apple CarPlay®. Of course, it also includes a navigation system, and it will even help you find places to shop, get gas, and includes OnStar services in case of an emergency. It is safe to say GMC does and has it all.

Pairing Your Phone

As any driver knows, talking on the phone or texting while driving is extremely dangerous. GMC has found a more effective way for you to answer phone calls, texts, and other notifications while driving and keeping both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road. When your phone is paired, you will be able to use a voice-activated system to call, text, and even turn the radio on without taking your hands off the wheel. If you don’t like the radio and listening to something particular is more your style, the Bluetooth feature gives you the option to listen to your favorite hits directly from your phone.

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Running Out Of Gas

GMC Infotainment Systems’ main goal is to prepare you and provide you with all the resources you may need when an inconvenient situation arises. How many times have you looked down at your dashboard and found that you were empty on fuel and had very little time to get to a gas station? Probably countless times. Well, fear no more. Not only will your GMC alert you when you are running low on fuel, but the GMC Infotainment System will also help you locate the nearest gas station to fuel up.

The GMC Infotainment system is a way to revolutionize driving. Keeping the driver and the passengers safe with so many hands-free ways to do things, additional resources, and safety features to keep you safe when going from point A to point B every day. GMC’s Infotainment System may just seem like the newest and coolest technology to have in your vehicle, but really, every feature it contains has a purpose to help you get the most out of every trip.

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