6 Ways To Entertain Your Dog This Season

A tan and white corgi on the beach, wearing blue sunglasses and a gray harness. There is a blue leash attached to his harness, and the legs of his owner are in the background.

Though it never gets too cold here in Florida, the arrival of spring certainly means that even more temperate weather is well on its way. If you and your dog been feeling a bit cooped up over the past few months, try one of these dog-friendly spring activities to get out and get moving!

Head to the Beach

Give your pup a fun day in the sand and sun! With so many beaches just a quick drive away from Crestview, you’ll have plenty of options for your beach day. Pack a few of your pup’s favorite toys, a frisbee, and plenty of snacks and water for both of you.

Go For a Walk or Run

If you have an athletic pup, take them with you on your next jog for some good exercise for you both! If your dog isn’t a runner – or if you aren’t a runner – take a nice walk around the neighborhood each day. You’ll get to soak up lots of Flordia sunshine while you move! If you don’t regularly take your pup for walks or runs, try to start low and slow to build their endurance.

Find a Dog Park

Let your pooch enjoy the sunshine without their leash this spring. Crestview has several dog parks where you can go off-leash and let Fido run around to their heart’s content. Not only is your dog likely to make a pal or two, but you might just end up with a new dog-loving friend, too!

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

It’s never too late to teach your dog to shake, rollover, or even brush up on its basic skills and manners. Whether your dog was top of his or her’s manners class or you’re still working on mastering “sit” and “stay”, spend some time giving your pup the gift of learning this spring. If your dog is already quite advanced, consider teaching them to go through DIY puppy obstacle courses!

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Go Camping

Sometimes you just need to escape your own four walls for the weekend and reconnect with nature. There are many camping sites close to Crestview, so pack up the tent (or the RV!) and head out for an unplugged weekend in the woods. While you’re camping you can take your pup for a hike or a splash in any nearby water. Be sure to bring enough food, water, and flea and tick spray for everyone!

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