Signs That Your Battery Needs Service

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When we start driving, we’re all told to keep a set of jumper cables in our car in case we find ourselves with a dead or drained battery, but many folks aren’t told that caring for their battery goes beyond the jumper cables. Caring for your car’s battery and regularly having it serviced can help keep you maximize your battery’s lifespan and prevent needing to use those jumper cables at all. You can tell that your battery needs to be checked with these three battery warning signs.

Trouble Starting

It may seem obvious, but if your car is struggling to start, it’s very likely that the battery is the culprit. You may notice that the engine is cranking hard and barely – or not at all – turning the engine on. You may be able to get your car started but with great difficulty. If either of these issues is occurring, it’s best to bring your car in so that we can check your battery and inspect its terminals for corrosion.

It Started Yesterday But Today…

Is a completely different story! If your battery is showing abnormal activity in that it starts some days but not others, or it started yesterday but not today, that’s a good sign that your battery may be running out of juice. Another common inconsistency problem is that your car starts fine when you drive it regularly but it has trouble after a day or two off. These issues can be the symptom of a drained battery, frayed cables, or another component drawing too much energy from the battery.

You Can See Corrosion

Corrosion is a sign that something is definitely wrong, so If you can see corrosion or any other visible damage to your battery or its connection, you definitely need a new battery and battery service from a trusted automotive shop.

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Schedule Battery Service With Us

If you’re experiencing any of the signs and symptoms we’ve talked about, the best course of action is to book a battery service with us at Lee Buick GMC online as soon as you can. Our team will test, check, and inspect your battery and replace it if necessary. Book a battery service with us online today.

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