Keep Cozy With These Hot Chocolate Recipes

Marshmallow in a cup of hot chocolate or cocoa on a gray table.

Hot chocolate, or hot cocoa, is synonymous with the holidays. It seems that this time of year someone is always introducing a new unique recipe to add a twist to the classic drink. We’ve pulled a few of our favorite hot chocolate recipes from The Spruce Eats that we know you will love, too!

The Classic

This Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate recipe is a great base to start with and build on. It is exactly what you think the perfect cup of hot chocolate should be, luscious and creamy. All you will need is unsweetened chocolate, warm milk, and as much sugar and vanilla as you like. So simple!

A Spicy Twist

This Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate gives some extra flavor to the warm drink. Using a special type of chocolate, Chocolate de Mesa, you can spice up your cup as much as you can handle. Add in some extra chili pepper or top your cup with some frothed milk.

A French Twist

This recipe is thought to have some health benefits. We don’t know how true that is, but it does make for a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Use water, milk, semi-sweet chocolate, and as much sugar as you like. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler to get a perfect consistency and avoid burning.

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A Vegan Twist

No one should miss out on indulging in a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Whether you are lactose-intolerant, vegetarian, or vegan, you are sure to love this recipe. Look for dark chocolate because it isn’t made with milk, and grab your favorite plant-based milk like oat or almond. Add as much sugar and vanilla as you’d like and enjoy.

Pick a recipe to try or try them all. Each one is simple enough to make at the last minute. You will love these delicious hot drinks to cozy up with in colder weather!

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