That’s A Buick: The Legacy

2020 Buick Enclave

Did you know the Buick is the oldest North American Automotive make, and one of the oldest vehicle brands in the world? Buick has been around for over a hundred years and still designs some of the most impressive cars. Let’s take a ride into the past and see how Buick has grown since the year they started!

Through The Years

1903 was the very first year the world said hello to the Buick, and we can tell you many things have changed since then.  A year after the first vehicle was created, Buick produced 37 Model B Touring Cars. The Touring had about 15 to 21 horsepower. Back then, that was impressive. A few years later in 1908, the Buick became the number one producer of automobiles, passing Ford and Cadillac with 8,820 units made. 1923 will always be a special year to Buick, as this is the year they built their one-millionth vehicle and it was just before their 20th anniversary. In 1936 the Buick Century was introduced and people loved it. The 8-cylinder engine sold 28,890 units. Since that year, Buick has grown into one of the most reputable automobile brands. They created the world’s first concept car, supplied the country with thousands of M18 Hellcat tank destroyers during World War 2, and created so many other epic vehicles the world fell in love with throughout the years.

GM Heritage Center

If you love vehicles as much as we do and you ever find yourself traveling through Michigan, the General Motors Heritage Center may be worth checking out. The Heritage Center is closed for safety reasons, but when it opens back up the trip would be one for the books. The center is 81,000 square feet and filled with a collection of vehicles. The collection is constantly changing with new vehicles being added to represent the years of history. You can find the first vehicle with an airbag, the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle, the Firebird 1, and so much more.

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Lee Buick GMC

If you are looking to drive a vehicle that has been reliable for over 100 years now, come check out the Buick. Buicks have been loved since the day they were introduced, which is why we think you would love one for yourself. Feel free to give us a call or send us a message. Our automobile experts at Lee Buick GMC would love to answer any questions about the Buick. In the meantime, check out our inventory online.

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