9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Purchasing A Used Vehicle

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Though a new car is certainly tempting in many ways – it’s brand new, has all-new technology, and the latest safety features – it’s often a smarter financial choice to buy used/pre-owned cars. Let’s explore all of the benefits of buying a new-to-you car.

1. New Cars Depreciate Immediately

Though every car depreciates each time its driven, new cars immediately lose value because they’re no longer considered new.

2. Get A Bigger Bang For Your Buck

Though we strive to offer extra savings on new cars, you’ll get an incredible value buying a used car. You can often get many of the desirable features and amenities you want at a lower cost. Win-win!

3. Buy Certified Pre-Owned

At Lee Buick GMC, we offer an incredible selection of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles. CPO means that the car has undergone rigorous evaluations to meet high standards set out by the maker. It’s an extra layer of security that you’re getting a pre-owned car that’s in great shape.

4. Variety

Though we keep an extensive and varied stock of new Buick and GMC vehicles, it’s undeniable that the best selection on our lot can be found in our pre-owned section. In addition to used Buick and GMC models, you’ll find used cars in a variety of makes and models for you to peruse.

5. Know The Facts

Though we provide research pages on many new models we keep in stock, you can find years of data about a pre-owned car you’re looking to buy. You can read testimonials from drivers who have driven that make and year model, reliability statistics, and more all with a simple search on the internet.

6. Cut Insurance Costs

When you’re looking to add to or replace a car in your driveway, it’s important to factor in the cost of insuring this new vehicle. Most insurance companies will offer lower premiums for used cars as the cost to replace it in the event of an accident is lower than the cost to replace a brand new car.

7. Cars Last Longer

As automotive technology has continued to evolve, automakers have gained the ability to lengthen a car’s lifespan significantly. It’s not uncommon to see cars with well over 100,000 miles on them.

8. Vehicle History Reports

Thanks to vehicle history reports, you can easily see how many owners the car has had, how many accidents (if any) it has been in, and how well it was maintained to give you greater peace of mind.

9. Aftermarket Community

There are many forums and websites devoted to talking about previous year models where you can stay up to date on recalls, quirks, and problems other drivers have found in the used model you buy. When there’s a thriving community behind you, there’s no need to worry about purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

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