Catch A College Football Game At These Local Spots


Football season is one big rush of adrenaline. From the energy of the crowd in the stadium to the site of your team walking out from underneath the tunnel onto the field to the band and dance teams giving the crowd the performance of their lives. All of that to say, there’s nothing like it and it’s a rush we all pay to experience. However, we can’t always make it to the games whether it’s due to finances, lack of a babysitter, or maybe you moved far away from where you attended college, it’s not always possible to get yourself back into the stadium. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your alma mater’s football game! Here’s a list of amazing local spots where you can kick back, relax, and watch your team score some touchdowns!

Props Brewery

Props Brewery, one of the best in Niceville, is so many local’s go-to spot! If you’re looking for a place to grab a beer, eat some delicious food, and put your feet up (metaphorically of course) this is the place! Some staple food and drink items are the 4 Kings Fried Pickles, Boom Boom Shrimp, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Pickle Birger, Buffalo Mac & Cheese, Fish & Chips, and don’t forget seasonal beers such as the Blueberry Pilsner, Pumpkin Bomb Ale, and Props Oktoberfest. Lots to choose from here.

If the game does not satisfy your entertainment needs, just have a look at the beer that is brewed right in front of you! You just can’t beat that.

The Wharf 850

Right on the water, The Wharf 850 is the classier watch party location you’ve been looking for! Book the Waterfront Event Venue and impress all of your friends with the night of their dreams making toasts and watching the game. The event space includes a giant TV front and center, so you can socialize AND keep up with your team.

If you’ve never been to a football party that serves sushi and seafood classics like crab cakes, scallop scampi, and surf & turf, now you can!

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Shalimar Cheers Pub

Shalimar Cheers Pub is that classic sports bar feel, with the incredible food of a pub! When you think of football food, you think of messy wings, lots of fried foods like fries, pickles, green beans, and cheese sticks, and just as importantly cheesy pizza! You can satisfy all of those cravings and MORE here. The menu is full of awesome options that pair perfectly with the brews on tap. You’ll feel like you’re right back on campus!

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