Coffee Near Crestview

Coffee Near Crestview

There is no shortage of great spots near Crestview to grab a cup of coffee. While you can find many coffee chains, it is also nice to check out the local coffeehouses to try their offerings and customer service. Here are some of the local favorites.

Café Liquid

Café Liquid is in Niceville, just a short drive from Crestview, and opens every day of the week. On weekdays, they open at 5:30 a.m., so you can get your caffeine fix on the way to work. On weekends, they open at 7 a.m. Just remember that this coffee shop closes at 2 p.m. every day, so get your late afternoon pick-me-up somewhere else.

All of the coffee beans used at Café Liquid are locally roasted in Fort Walton Beach each week, ensuring your drink is nice and fresh. This coffeehouse stands out with its wide range of customization, including the best selection of flavored syrups. For added versatility, any drink on the Café Liquid menu can be hot, cold, or blended.

You can also get a fresh sandwich, soup, or wrap to go with your coffee. Celiacs will appreciate that there are even gluten-free wraps and bread options, so no one has to miss out. Grab breakfast or lunch, or just have a pastry with your coffee.

Casbah Coffee

There’s no need to leave Crestview to visit Casbah Coffee Co, which is not only a coffee shop but also a coffee roaster, sandwich maker, and baker. This business is family-owned, and you can feel the difference in the personalized attention you’ll get. This is actually the only coffee roaster in Crestview, meaning that if you want to buy your coffee locally, this is the freshest you can get.

Those who prefer can also find cold brew coffee at Casbah, something that is still unique in the area. The menu of hot entrees and sandwiches uses only the most premium cheeses and meats. You know the sandwiches are fresh since they are made to order.

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Tango 3 Coffee Company

Tango 3 Coffee Company is also in Niceville, and this local coffee shop prides itself on following sustainable practices and a high level of community spirit. There are not quite as many flavored syrups and other customization options at this coffee shop, but you can still choose from various kinds of milk, including soy and almond and add flavors like mocha, caramel, or vanilla. Choose a hot or cold drink. In addition to the expected choices like plain coffee, lattes, hot chocolates, and chai lattes, there is even a matcha latte available.

This coffee company really stands out with its non-coffee offerings, thanks to more than a dozen teas plus a selection of all-natural smoothies. You can also grab breakfast or lunch, which is a great way to save some time in the morning. The quiche is made in-house every single day, or you can try a pretzel roll for a unique sandwich that will make those around you jealous.

With so many coffee options in and near Crestview, Florida, there is no need to travel for a great cup of joe.

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